I have been going to Miller’s for 20+ years and enjoy their pies and sausage rolls. Good traditional English pies are hard to find. I am glad there is a bakery with a large variety of not only baked goods, but also imported British products so close to where I live.

by NIGEL   Acton

Have tried Steak pies all over Ontario. Tried Miller’s today and they are the best! It is our new Sunday night dinner and will be back next week.


I have been a long time customer of Miller’s Bakery in Georgetown. All their home made products are excellent and they import the very best Brit delicacies as well, items you cannot get anywhere else, always fresh and delicious.

by JOHN TATHAM   Georgetown, ON

Fantastic meat pies and baked goods.Everytime I visit my brother in P.E.I. he insists I freeze two dozen steak pies and bring them with me.Two other brothers in London make special trips to pick up steak pies in Georgetown, sometimes they even drop in and see me!Friendly,helpful staff and great selection of meat products and baked goods.What more could you ask for?

by DANNY SHIELDS   Georgetown

That is what Bread should taste like! After years of thinking my taste buds had just ‘aged’ (like the rest of me!) I discovered,after one bite of Millers bread, they were just fine! Their Steak and Kidney pies are equally as good, I am hooked!

by PETER CONWAY   GlenWilliams

Have sampled many Scottish meat pies in Toronto/Scarborough area and have to say ALL Miller’s pies are by far the best tasting. I will drive to Georgetown just for his pies.

by EVELYN MACDONALD   Scarborough

5 Responses to Reviews

  1. Karen McGarry Telford England says:

    Best Scottish pies in the world . The baker Frank is so nice , In-fact all the staff are so nice and friendly, see you all next time I’m in Canada.x

  2. Charles Miller, BA, MA says:

    I am a Scottish American Miller who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. My grandfather was Duncan Miller and my grandmother was his wife Essie Cowan. They both lived in Bertie County, North Carolina near the town of Colerain, NC. I am a second cousin once removed to artist Ralph Wolfe Cowan. My father and I were named after his grandfather, Charles Edward Cowan, who was named after Prince Charles Edward Stewart. I am proud to be a MacFarlane Miller who descends from the ancient Celtic Earls of Lennox. I wish you all the best in your business. Have a Merry Christmas and a grand New Year.
    Charles Miller, BA, Old Dominion University; MA, Liberty University

  3. Charles Miller, BA, MA says:

    I must admit that you cakes, pies, and bread truly like good. I wish I could purchase some of them; however, I am diabetic. I miss the days when I could eat such wonderful things. I would encourage people to purchase things from you.

  4. Martin says:

    A fantastic place for the best Scottish and British goods. Frank the baker is a riot! Whenever you go there, make sure you mention the mighty Dumbarton FC!! Keep up the great job guys!

  5. Tony Marley says:

    I live about 2 1/2 hours from Georgetown near Chatham, ON. About a month ago I discovered Miller’s and took about $50 worth of pies home with me. They were absolutely the best. I was born in England so know a lot about meat pies etc. Any others are mostly 75% pastry and 25% filling. Not these and the taste of the steak is to die for. Actually will be in Georgetown this weekend at my daughters for Mother’s Day and will be bringing another pile home. THE BEST.

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